Oh boy do I feel sheepish. spent a whole weekend in shock over this and forgot to post here.

so, to clarify ———————————————> Daniel Sharman aka Isaac Lahey is going to be a Sponsored guest at Wolfsbane 2 a Rogue Events Teen Wolf convention to be held in Birmingham England in July of this year.

He joins fellow Were Ian Bohen (Peter Hale), Hunter JR Bourne (Chris Argent) and Banshee Holland Roden (Lydia Martin) for what promises to be a awesome convention. I spent last friday half deaf from my friends cheering down the phone at me, and though when I first found out i think I deafened my dog, i’ve managed to stay silent in my awe despite Daniel being like THE Teen Wolf guest I have said since the start i would love to meet (since meetin Tyler Hoechlin and JR Bourne at Wolfsbane I)

98 days 9 hours 23 mins

Ok guys i need your HELP


I want to make something for Tyler Hoechlin. I’ll meet him in June and i want to show him our love. Especially that we LOVE him for being him, for being insanely talented and inspiring! That we don’t just admire him for his looks! He needs to know that!
I will print the notes and every url out and give it to him. Please please please reblogg and like the shit out of this! ♥ He deserves it!

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