20 facts about me

1. I Identify as an Aromantic there is a general description here of what that means. Asexualhttp://www.asexuality.org/wiki/index.php?title=Aromantic
2.my life would not be what it is (the good parts) if it had not been for two Sheildmaidens: the woman I call my Goth Alpha Ally Gothgerbil nd the girl I am proud to be part of a pair of Parabatai with Heather Louise Sharpe together these two (and I am not just quoting here) assists me in understanding the parts of human interaction and emotion that i find spikey and confusing. 
3. my first musical event was when I was 4. Michael Jackson in Roundhay park August of 1988. 
4. I grew up on Star Trek, in little school I was the “only trekkie in the village.” in Middle I was one of two geeks, he was Star Wars I was Trek. but I am not a TOSer I loathed the original series except for Chekov, until movies when it got cool. 
5. For my love of Cassandra Clares work I broke a pledge I had held for 23 years and have agreed with Ally and Heather that I will sit through the original three Star Wars, (the deal was star wars but apparently my sentence won’t be that long) I blame Gareth David-Lloyd - The Official Page for this and if i didn’t already think he was a Talented total pain in the tail I would now. I WILL NEVER be Bitrekual. LLaP!
6. due to one reason and another I couldn’t read till i was about..well it varies who you talk to between 9-11 and my Writings never been very pretty but I have ALWAYS had a love of books and I will defend that fact to the hilt. thanks to my no.1 aunt Cynth (thats Zoe Bulmer and Peta Bulmer's mam) who got me my first Shakespeare before I even knew what the words meant. 
7. I know its thought of as wrong, but I have always only had three favorite relatives, because the majority of the family don’t see the point in me or think i’m nothing but trouble, or something in between, 
On one side of my family there’s the ‘irish factor’ as i call it, everyone knows everyone and everyone in the little village where we’re from can probably be traced to that family ( ask Jack Hampshire) . on the other i know of 2 interesting people and i only speak to one of em every blue moon. 
It is my belief that I will go to the gates of Stovokor with those three women as my character witnesses
8. IF i ever got in trouble with the police (i unlike my family and friends have yet to find a reason to distrust the police, it just comes naturally) I still do not believe I have anyone who would be my one phone call as it is most probable that anyone (they know who they are) i’d want on my side would be AT my side  
9. I LIKE TWILIGHT! sorry, it had to be said, I do. for the Volturi council ( who happen to be played in the movie by three of my fave actors christopher, Michael and Jaimie) and Jasper Hale. 
10. I once had a gate slammed on my knee and I have a permanent scar because where the latch was supposed to be there wasn’t one and the nail went to the bone, or thats how it felt, Polly Welbourn
12. I stand by the belief that I was born in totally the wrong era!
13. Dr Sexy once asked me If i was one of his exes because I was the type of girl he dated. 
14. I Defiantly and eternally dislike my RL, only certain people will get a response if they call me it at cons and stuff, I’ll never change it, not because I would regret it, theres just no point, no fucker here would stop calling me it, for those who know you have my permission to use it. to everyone else i am MIDNIGHT or Night, and have been now for 15 years and no I do not care that Midnight and night are cliche and emo names for a Gothicly enclined girl to be called. 
15. if it wasn’t for sci-fi’s and fantasies I think i would have turned homicidal years ago, my life if thats what you want to call this universal joke, is nothing without my fandoms. 
16. I know my writing will never get me anywhere, I don’t know the right people, I don’t have the right background ect ect and i’ve heard it, but that will never bloody stop me ! you have more chance of the pope buying french ticklers from Tescos for his boyfriend Scott McCall. 
17.I don’t know how to express myself verbally without quoting, I am a writer, i avoid conversing with people who don’t understand me if i can help it, but if I ever quote in a conversation its not because (as i’ve recently been told) I’m bored, its because its the best thing I can think of to respond with, I mean to say for example If i say “I swear by the angel.” to any request, take it as a blood oath because I bloody well mean it. just because its a quote doesn’t mean i don’t mean the sentiment. 
18. I don’t lie. its not my style, If I say something to you and it seems harsh or i say something and you think i’m being flattering, take a second to think about it, “I call it as I see it.” is my usual response to people who think i’m being overly nice or bitch, as Simon Lewis said and Jilly McClelland is determined to nick “Filters are for Cigarettes and Coffee.” only person I’d likely lie to is my Mother, but that’s for survival. 
19. If I met Sir Starfleet himself Patrick Stewart I think I’d have to bow„ with my apperance it wouldn’t give the same image as it does in my head but its a must, though. as I will never meet him this is just flotsam to end my list
20. I know it has bad connotations for people. but I am still considering having Tiocfaidh ár lá as a tattoo. or on my grave or something
Ok Heather did this ands hers was so cool. so I decided i’d give it a whirl, i’m sorry for boring the ass off you guys. its pure bollox, but i thought it’d kill time while waiting for a download
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