Call To The Clave!

Good things are happening in our mission to hold a Shadowhunter convention.
You guys have gone out there and spread the word, we’ve heard from Cassandras people and now.. we need a wishlist:
Anyone from the Narrators of the books to the actors in the movie(hopefully soon, movieS) 
Lets say… top three/four people you’d want to see at a convention for Cassandra Clares work, BESDIES the queen of the verse herself, 
JUst go here post your dreamlist, I’ll pass them to the con gods upstairs and we’ll see what we can do.
the crazier the better
and remember NO DUCKS

Wolfsbane II is in 4 days
 This is the convention i’ve been waiting for! the one! (for 2014) 
10 guests three days, it just me and Heather this time… well not literally just me and Heather but you get the idea, that’d be weird as all hell. 

Ian Bohen and Holland Roden were the first guests added, Peter Hale and Lydia in the show, Peter has long been a favorite of Heather’s, and well I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet the devious uncle Hale, being as fond of the pack as i am.
then there’s Holland..lets be honest here, before and after Erica there has only been one alpha female in the show, and that’s Lydia Martin :D. 

The announcement that shook the fandom in the UK (and nearly deafened me on two occasions, thank you Lori and Heather) was that of Hale beta Isaac Laheys alter Daniel Sharman. 
now.  a number of my friends have expressed the premenition that they will be rocking in a corner star truck, just plain babble or just lose the ability to speak all together - I have offered my assistance as Mundie Geek-Downworlder translator. I adore Daniel but not for his looks (though I do find him handsome, i mean come on i do have eyes) I like Daniel because of his talent, because of the roles he’s had and especialy at the moment, because of a role he has upcoming along side Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan in The Originals. 

* not that I am likely to be picked up on it, but the reason i referrer to Daniel as a Downworlder is at his own word, when asked on my behalf by a friend and a previous apperance here in the uk wether he’d be a Nephilim or a Downworlder he chose Downworlder. 

With JR Bourne my reasons are not strictley Teen Wolf related, after an incident in London I missed my chance to meet him at a Stargate convention and thought I had missed my final chance as it was passed through the SG1 community that he was giving up conventions. joining the Teen Wolf cast changed his mind i think or he wouldn’t have attended Wolfsbane I. 
Martouf/Lantesh will forever be my no.1 Stargate character above even Dr Daniel Jackson who first got me into the show. 
Meeting JR for a second time will be an honor and a privileged 
and i promise this time to myself and my friends, no random comments about Chris Argent killing the fan favorite. 

Tyler Hoechlin attended Wolfsbane I, he was for the most part my Teen Wolf reason for going, and when he was announced as a sponsored guest for II I was excited, he was an awesome guest and really good in the Q and A’s. I still hold to the fact that he was the leader of the three wolves that improved my opinion of the supernatural species, four when Isaac was turned, but I can thank Derek for that too. 

Wierd things have happened to Derek since tyler was at Wolfsbane and no doubt I’m in for a few spoilers, but I am willing to endure them so i can listen to him.

I love it when I’m proved wrong (in a good way), not many people will believe this but I do, especially when it is in regards to a convention guest, and the final guest to be added to Wolfsbane II has since been the final guest to do this to me. 

Stephen Lunsford, played Matt in season two, known by me and my friends (probably thanks to my odd descriptions) as Matt the murderer, he was the original controller of the Kanima.

at Wolfsbane I my head was full of things Werewolf and Tok’ra related, I wasn’t really expecting anything to grab me from the other guests (though I knew Keahu was awesome, i mean, “everybody loves Danny”) but then Stephen came on stage and blew me away, he was insane, which I guess i would have known if i’d done my research, he’s a geek which is always a good thing in an actor :D.
This was proved if it was needed by the auto session, I was wearing my SG-1 on base uniform and Stephen wrote on my auto “love the outfit.” which at first made me think he was a Stargate fan, but then I heard him talking to some other girls at the con and they were going on about the Winchesters, my jacket doubled as my Dean cosplay jacket so i guessed in meant he thought i was being Dean Winchester. he’s cool right :D

Stephen has also read one of Cassandra Clares Bane Chronicles, (and everone knows I’m a sucker for anyone invovled with Ms Clare) again when asked he said he’d be a Downworlder, which I can totally see, not so much a Magnus bane but maybe a Woolsey Scott or Raphael?

Rogue Events have not dissapointed in the Line up Wayne (like Starfury’s Sean) is a master at getting the best guests for his cons. 
I offered to buy him a drink once, he refused, i may try again.

Look -I have to say here there are four guests who are attending i’ve not to mentioned. because their not my reasons for attending the con nor are they the reason i’m looking forward to it, I mean no offence to them and their fans.

four days till inv4sion the Starfury convention for shows you just can’t put anywhere else but can’t do without.

6 Guests this year, the important ones for me are: 
Charlie Bradbury, the Warlock Zaboo, Officer Lance and his daughter Sara <Black Canary> (aka Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Paul Blackthorne, Caity Lotz) 

got my ticket last second because of one thing or another but i’d not miss it for the world!

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